Paul Meldrum

Rick S.

God’s favor has been evident in Rick’s life since his birth. He was raised in a Godly family and his parents have served in ministry his whole life. God called Rick to salvation at an early age and Rick has never strayed from the faith that God gave to him. He has close relationships with his four siblings and they and their spouses all love and serve the Lord as well. God has blessed Rick with his amazing wife, Esther, and gave them four children who love Jesus and serve Him at HBCF. Esther also came from a Godly family and her parents have been amazing influences and voices of wisdom in Rick and Esther’s lives. Rick and Esther’s life at Harvest is centered around their life group, as they love sharing life with these friends God has given to them. Rick’s family enjoys hunting and the outdoors, and you are always welcome to drop in for a fresh Arizona elk burger and a cup of coffee.